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Tue, 31 May 2016 15:59:04 GMT
Авто Трэвел Travel guide through Russia for caravanners
Discussion about self-travelling on campers to Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Byelorussia in your language (engl., germ., fr., etc.) [ + ]
Fri, 20 Jun 2014 14:57:55 GMT
St. Petersburg bis Murmansk 2016
Ein Hallo aus Deutschland!
Wir haben im Juli eine Tour mit dem Wohnmobil in den Osten Europas geplant. Unser Plan: Deutschland, Polen, Ukraine, Weissrussland, Oblast Kaliningrad, Litauen, Lettland, Estland, Russland. Visa für BY und RUS (2x) haben wir in unserem Pass .

Unsere Tour im Oblast Kaliningrad:

Unsere Tour in Russland:

Wir suchen für unsere Tour noch Campingplätze oder Stellplätze. Forumskarte zeigt wenig. Programme für Handy (mobile live+, campercontact, Archies) gibt es im Osten Europas keine Einträge . Es gibt auch wenige Verrückte die so etwas machen .
Vielleicht können Mitglieder uns bei der Suche mit Tipps unterstützen.

Viele Grüße aus Freiberg/Sachsen

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Fri, 04 Apr 2014 22:43:52 GMT
Путешествие в Йошкар-Олу.
 Мы недавно с подругой побывали в очень интересном и незабываемом г. Йошкар-ола республики Марий-Эл. Этот город удивил тем, что он хоть и не большая провинция, но там очень красиво (это природа, зелёные леса вдоль трасс). А в центре города, это красивая набережная с несколькими площадями, наличие храмов, театров, бульвар где можно прогуляться насладиться свежим воздухом и просто отдохнут, а также увидеть интересные скульптуры и памятники.В этом городе можно найти все что есть для полноценного отдыха.Мы проживали в очень уютной гостиннице, с хорошим и добрым персоналом. Я думаю что приедем сюда снова. и к тому же  в этом году г.Йошкар-Ола исполняется уже 430 лет!! [ + ]
Fri, 04 Apr 2014 21:37:42 GMT
Through Russia in 2014
  Hi All, 

We are an English couple planning to travel through Russia on our way to China in our 4x4 camper truck later this year.

We will probably have a few days in Ukraine before entering Russia around the middle of July. We plan to spend about 20 days in Russia,  including a few days in Moscow and visiting friends in Ufa, then crossing into Kazakhstan.

Any tips on travelling by motorhome in Ukraine and Russia? Usually we stay on a campsite every 3rd day or so, the rest of the time we look for quiet and safe places to stop at night.  We would be grateful for any recommendations of places to stay between Ukraine and Moscow, in Moscow, and between Moscow and Ufa.

Thanks for any advice, and sorry for wrtiing in English!

Andy [ + ]
Fri, 24 Jan 2014 17:06:05 GMT
Through Russia in 2014
 Hi all,

We are an English couple who will be travelling through Russia this year on our way to China in our 4x4 camper truck. We hope to cross through Ukraine around the middle of July and then spend about 20 days in Russia before going into Kazakhstan.

We will visit some friends in Ufa but before that we would like to stay in Moscow for a few days.

Can anyone help us with advice about travelling with a motorhome in Ukraine and Russia? Any good places to park for the night on the way through Ukraine, in Russia on the way to Moscow, in Moscow, and on the way from Moscow to Ufa? We usually use campsites once every 3 days or so, the rest of the time we are happy to park in more peaceful (but safe!) locations.

Thanks for any advice and sorry for writing in English!

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Fri, 22 Aug 2008 20:10:15 GMT
Уважение все!
Я прошу извинения за мой язык - я жил в России но.... давным-давно
Я называюсь Бартэк Фэльский и я из Польши (Гданьск). Я в июне 2014 года еду вместе с несколькими лицами в экспедиции ПОЛЯНД Монголия ТРАНС-СИБЭРЯН ЭКСПЭДИТЁН (гттп://ввв.пицкупэм.пль/выправы/полянд-монголья-транссибэрян-экспэдитён/); мы будем проехать почти 20000 км через Сибирь к Монголии. Мы ищем лица, которые бы предложить свою помощь на случай аварии / изъян автомобиля... Ходит мне о телефонный контакт и возможные адреса друзей на маршруте:

и дальше

маршрут доступный также тут: http://www.pickupem.pl/wyprawy/pola...xpedition/

Вы поможете нам?

я передаю привет,
+48 793723575
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Fri, 14 May 2010 16:59:49 GMT
Russia. Guide for caravanners

In the XIV century travellers told, that in Moscow live only giants covered by the wool. Then, for a long time, everyone thought, that in Russian cities wander bears on the streets, and all Russians – are gloomy mans, wearing cap with ear-flaps. After the reorientation, bears were replaced by bandits and mans from KGB. Of course, this all facts about Russia didn’t attract tourists.  And for the long time Europe and the whole world didn’t know so much about such a country, named Russia, where wild people live and whence the sent missionaries not always come back.
Till now foreign tourists go for the rest to the other countries. The reason for that is – the tours to Russia are very expensive, but the quality of services is not so good. Until recently Russia has been closed not only for traditional tourism, but also for one of the largest tourist groups in the Europe and America – caravanners. Not so many people go to Russia on the motorhome, because of bad roads and absence of the developed infrastructure. But someone understand, that Russian roads are not the worst roads in the world. The staffs in the majority of hotels, and usual rural facilities have already got used to the unusual tourists on the motorhomes, and give with the great pleasure the necessary service for them. If you don’t need the electricity, then you can spend the night everywhere, where you like: on the edge of a wood, in the forest, or on the bank of the picturesque river. And, please believe, that to sleep in the motorhome in Russia isn’t not so much dangerously, than in the whole Europe. And there is enough places, where you can stop, fill motorhome with pure water, connect it to the electricity and so on. 
In the near future the problem with Russian roads will be hardly solved. Though in many directions was outlined the positive dynamics. The situation with the campings construction seems to be better. A lot of bases of the rest and hotel complexes already have begun the construction of campings and making places especially for motorhomes. But some time will pass, until Russian campings will be like in Europe. Now, there are a lot of hotels and motels with parking places for motorhomes. Also, there is a lot of free-of-charge parking.
In the advertising release of the guidebook across Russia, which we have prepared specially for Caravan show in Düsseldorf, we have collected the information necessary for those people, who gathers in a trip across Russia on the motorhome.  In this release we have collected the information about all paid and free-of-charge parking on the line Е 105/M10 between St.-Petersburg and Moscow. In the edition you can find the exhaustive information about the services on campings, bases of rest, hotel complexes.
In the near future the Russian Club of Caravanners together with the “ Autocamper “ magazine and the company « Auto travel » will let out the full edition of the directory. We plan to create the exclusive edition, which will be useful for everyone who travels with motorhomes and cars.
Uniqueness of the Russian guidebook on campings will consist, that we’ll give the information, concerning the Russian and European parking and campings. In this guidebook you’ll find the information about Russian and European campings, beginning with the description of an entrance, a place, various details, and finishing with the contact information.
Also, we are starting the Internet-project. On a site www.avtotravel.com you can find the interactive card with paid and free-of-charge parking. On the site, it will be possible to find a suitable camping under the name, place or region. With the help of an expanded search, users can find camping, which will satisfy to all conditions. The site will find for you campings, which you can thoroughly study: to see photos, to read the responses, to learn camping equipment, to find parking phone and coordinates, for hammering it into the navigating system.
We invite to cooperation tourist complexes, hotels, campings, tourist bases and tour agencies, which organize trips to Russia. The additional information about the guidebook it’s possible to receive in an edition of the “Avtokemper” magazine or on the site www.avtotravel.com.


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Fri, 22 Aug 2008 20:07:40 GMT
Parking for motor caravans


Elizar-Hotel offers new service for travelers, with motor homes, campers, caravans – equipped parking. Parking is located in protected territory of hotel, near the centre of Saint-Petersburg. Electricity is supplied to each parking, garbage collection is provided.

To the services:

-         shower, refill with clean water, discharge of dirty water

-         place for recreation

-         accommodation with pets

You can use the services of a café, sauna, laundry service, book excursions program for an additional charge.


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Fri, 22 Aug 2008 20:02:16 GMT
Choosing hotel, motel, camping,paid or free parking
The structure of the tourists reception, intended for the tourists accommodation in a structure, or complex of structures, which give tourists in appropriate way equipped rooms or apartments, renders specific services, has a service bureau and the areas for laying
tables indoors.
The structure of the tourists reception, intended for the tourists accommodation in a structure, or in a complex of the structures, consisting of apartments or one-room numbers, where the tourists can storage and cooking, and also eat in their premise.
Inexpensive hotel with the limited service. Gives paid accommodation for the young people, travelling on foot, on bicycles and so on.
Small hotel on the water. Structure of the tourists’ reception, accommodated tourists on the water vessels (sea/river courts), specially equipped for travel or like a floating hotel, which is strengthened on an anchor in ports or in special places.
Hotel with up to 40 rooms. As a rule, settles down in a business center or in a apartment house. The level of numbers corresponds to 3-4 stars “greater” hotels. The most part of mini-hotels settles down in the center of the city. Mini-hotel is a new flow in the Petersburg hotel business.
Small low private hotels with a quantity of rooms from four up to twenty, completely correspond to the European standards. As a rule, they placed in the historical part of the city. Each mini-hotel have their own style - from the courageous modern design up to an ancient classical interior with modeled ceilings and operating fireplaces.
Boarding house
Small private hotel (5-10 rooms) in which the owner or the family will service for visitors, which live usually in the same building.
Small tourist hotel (usual the easy structure, situated on the seacoast). It is widespread in a youth tourist centers.
Holiday resort
Hotel, which visitors  arrive for having a rest.
The hotel for autotourists, located, as a rule, behind the settlement in immediate proximity from the important road highways. Equipped both for accommodation, and for the parking of vehicles in the full safety conditions.
Have no signs of the big city hotel – like restaurant, bar, conference hall and so on. Motel is not depended for staying there for a long time. To spend the night in a comfort – this is about motel. The high level of the convenience is guaranteed, and there is no need in booking the rooms. There are sometimes chargeable guarding parkings, where you can stay for the night on the motorhome.
Camp for the autotourists, located in a country site (small summer houses, tents with  elementary convenience). The structure of the tourists reception, intended for accommodation of tourists with campers or in wooden small houses, tents or motorhomes, equipped parking, cooking and rendering of additional services.
Parking place. Place for vehicle parking
Guarded chargeable parking place for motor transport. The cost of such parking varies from 4 to 8 euros per day. On the territory there is a cafe or restaurant, motel and refueling. It is possible to stay for the night there, in spite of the fact, that it can be noisy there. Chargeable parking places, on which territory there is a restaurant, motel and so on can give to the caravanners everything necessary, that he need: refueling with a clear water, fusing wastewater. Connection to electricity is, in most cases, impossible.. 
FREE PARKING PLACES and places of the rest
Such parking are located along the basic lines and highways. Represent, basically, from 0,5 up to 1 hectares of the asphalted district. There are refuse bins on the. It is not good to choose such place for the night, because it is very noisy and unsafe. Such free parking places are good for making there a short rest in the afternoon.

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Fri, 22 Aug 2008 20:00:41 GMT
Amenability for the infringement in the traffic sphere
The traffic police in Russia is called GIBBD (government inspection of the road safety). The traffic rules in Russia are generally the same as in Europe. The cameras are installed on the major motorways and city avenues and GIBBD inspectors usually like to hide in the most unimaginable places and then jump out of the trees to stop your car and show you what  their radar detected.
Forget about brides. They say that GIBDD is famous for its flexibility. Not now! If you depart from a rule and stopped by GIBDD, don’t  give a bribe. The GIBDD worker has to give you a receipt, which you can pay in any branch of the Russian Savings Bank of within 14 days. Also, you shouldn’t worry if you get stopped even if you are sure, that  you did nothing wrong: the check-ups are regular and if your documents are OK, it will take one minute for the inspector and he will wish you a nice journey. Here is the Amenability for the infringement in the traffic sphere
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Fri, 22 Aug 2008 19:57:52 GMT
Safety in Russia
Russia is a pretty safe place, inspite of all the lurid crime stories you hear. You don’t have to worry about The Mafia – you don’t have even 1% of the sum they are interested in. Of course, there is a street crime,  but probably, not as much as in your own capital city.
Naturally, stay away from the drunks. They are unlikely to harm you, but are as erratic as any other drunks, and you are likely to see more in Russia than elsewhere.
Always carry your passport and visa with you in Moscow and St Petersburg – not so vital in other places, although technically you are required to.
Take care on the roads too. Russians have no respect for pedestrians, although this is not so true outside the big cities. A fondness for alcohol, tatty roads and a might-is-right attitude means Russia’s accident rate on the roads is fairly horrendous.
In terms of safety, you will definitely have to look out more for your camper, than if you traveled in Europe, we recommend to leave your car only at secured sites (or, at least arrange with somebody to look after your car for a fee - 100 Rub-200 Rub ($3-$6) per day should be enough).
However, it’s not as dangerous as it used  to travel in Russia with a car anymore. Nowadays criminals found other sources of incoming and there’s lots of police along the way, which creates another problem of frequent police checks. There will be no problems though if your documents are OK.
Be cautious on the refuelling. By the filling your motorhome, watch, that the servicer has filled with a benzine a tank with fuel, instead of a tank with water. There are not so many motorhomes in Russia, that’s why, the servicer can make a mistake. So, before going to pay for a fuel, be convinced, that the hose is in a correct place. To can fill the gas-cylinder on the special filling stations. In large cities you can fill the standard German gas-cylinder almost in all fill stations.
Generally, Russia is the same as any European country in terms of health risks. So, if you’re OK living in Europe, US, Canada, Australia or elsewhere you don’t need to take any special preventive measures before coming to Russia.
Take care of yourself and everything will be ok. Russia is not more dangeorous than european contries.

Fire – 01; 911; 112
Police – 02; 911; 112
Ambulance – 03; 911; 112
Gas emergency service – 04

Telephone Tips during Emergencies
How to report Emergencies:
Speak slowly and clearly.
State your name, location of the emergency and telephone number.
Provide as much information as possible:
Who you are
Who is involved
What is wrong
Where you are
Stay on the telephone and follow any instructions that the 911
dispatcher (emergency operator) may give
Calling 9-1-1 from a pay phone is free. If service is interrupted, pay phones will be restored before residential service

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Travel guide through Russia for caravanners
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